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Aladdin Last Chance

Aladdin is soon to depart Melbourne!

We have witnessed many wonders on the musical theatre stage over the past decade – stampeding wildebeests in The Lion KingChitty Chitty Bang Bang‘s flying car, the colossal animatronic ape of King Kong – but this flawless fusion of dynamic performance and technical wizardry (how do they get that carpet to zigzag through the air?) creates an elaborate spectacular in a league of its own.

Upcoming and final shows from Ocean Grove, Leopold, Newcomb, Busport, Nth Geelong & Corio Village:

  • Wednesday 6th December – Stalls, Show 1.00pm, $109*
  • Wednesday 13th December – Stalls, Show 1.00pm, $109*

Grab your tickets Right Here or call Sue on 5255 5800

*prices include return bus ticket and stalls ticket to the show of Aladdin. 

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