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Bike Racks rolling out on Bendigo buses

Bike racks are going to be installed across the Bendigo bus network in the coming months. Bus travellers will be responsible for loading and unloading the bike.

Bike Rack Demonstration

Using the rack

Before the bus arrives, ensure that any attached items (bottles, pumps etc.) have been removed from your bike. Your bike must not have any front-mounted accessories or objects that will obstruct the driver’s view. To load and unload your bike, simply follow these easy steps:

Loading the bike rack

  1. Hail the bus and get permission from the driver to load your bike
  2. Squeeze the latch handle to unlock the rack and fold it down
  3. Lift the bike onto the rack and push the bike as far forward as possible
  4. Raise the bar so it sits locked over the wheel against the bike’s frame.

Unloading the bike rack

  1. Pull on the spring-loaded bar to release it and lower it off the wheel
  2. Lift your bike out of the rack, towards the kerb
  3. If the rack is empty, squeeze the latch handle and fold the rack back into place
  4. Once on the kerb indicate to the driver that you’re clear.

Please note:

  • Racks are fitted to the front of the bus and are safe, secure and easy to use. Bike racks can only fit two bikes at a time and are available on a first-come-first-served basis
  • Children aged 13 or under must be assisted by an adult to load and unload the bike from the rack.
  • Only two-wheel, single-seat bikes with a wheel size between 50cm (20”) and 73cm (29”) and up to a 111cm (44”) wheelbase can be loaded.
  • Bikes must weigh less than 25 kilograms.
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