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Bon Jovi MCG Dec 2018

Christian’s Bus Co have successfully obtained tickets for the Bon Jovi This House Is Not For Sale Tour at the MCG on Saturday 1st Dec 2018. We will keep this page updated as more information becomes available.

Ararat & Ballarat:

  • Saturday 1st Dec 2018 – BUS ONLY

For bus tickets only out of Ararat, Ballarat (Ararat, Brewery Tap Hotel Motel Car Park, Western Hwy). Please purchase your tickets to the event yourself via the authorised ticketing company, then come to us and purchase a return bus ticket. To be honest, we didn’t quite get enough interest to take the risk and purchase the tickets ourselves, as the ticketing companies make us pay upfront and it is too much risk. However, we do want to continue to offer bus services to special events in Melbourne, so we have put a bus service on for you to the event, we just ask that you purchase the concert tickets separately. For bus only please Click Here

Geelong & Bellarine:

  • Saturday 1st Dec 2018, Level 1, Section M19, Rows Q,R,S – TICKET & BUS INCLUDED

For concert and bus tickets out of Geelong & Bellarine (Ocean Grove, Leopold, Newcomb, Busport, North Geelong, Corio) Click Here

Colac & South West:

  • Saturday 1st Dec 2018 Level 1, M48, Rows W, X – TICKET & BUS INCLUDED

For concert and bus tickets out of Colac & South West (Warrnambool, Terang, Camperdown, Colac, Winchelsea) Click Here

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