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Bus Tickets to Groovin the Moo

Travel to and from the event with Christians.

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Groovin the Moo event in Bendigo for 2024 has been cancelled, therefore no buses will run. Any tickets that have already been purchased were refunded in full around 15/2/24.

Buses depart from:

  • Ballarat (Railway Station) 9:20am - $65 return
  • Castlemaine (Rear of IGA, Forest St) 10:30am - $45 return
  • Daylesford Bridport St PTV stop 9:45am- $65 return
  • Echuca (Railway Station) 10:30am - $60 return
  • Elmore (Railway Station) 11:05am - $60 return
  • Rochester (Railway Station) 10:50am - $60 return

County buses run express to and from the festival and do not route via the Bendigo Railway Station. It is only the urban buses connecting the local caravan parks that will take you back to Bendigo Station after the event.

Conditions of Purchase and Travel:

  1. Respect the bus driver and the community as you board on and off
  2. Passengers must be 16 years and over. Underage passengers will be denied boarding at Christian’s Bus Co.’s discretion on boarding and no refund will apply
  3. The bus driver reserves the right to refuse boarding of the bus including intoxicated passengers
  4. Alcohol may not be consumed on the bus
  5. Dispose of your rubbish in an appropriate fashion
  6. All Transfer Tickets must be pre-booked and pre-paid
  7. Transfer Tickets are valid for return travel. One-way Transfers are available at the same price as a return transfer by prior arrangement
  8. Coaches depart designated stops at the allocated times. Late passengers will be considered as no-show and no refund will apply
  9. Late passengers will be considered as no-show and no refund will apply
  10. All Transfer times at designated stops are to be used as a guide only and may vary for reasons beyond the control of Christian’s Bus Co and Cattleyard Promotions

Note: You will have to quote your name to the driver upon boarding the vehicle. Here you will receive a wristband that will ensure you can get back on the bus for the return journey.

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