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Dunkeld races a hit for buses

Dunkeld races were held on the weekend and people came from far and wide to attend. Like no other event, this one is perfect for bus goers, being a little isolated from major towns and accommodation. Christian’s ran buses from Warrnambool, Colac, Ballarat, Ararat, Halls Gap, Noorat, Lake Bolac – just to name a few.

Travel Safe

With plenty of people enjoying the day out, having bus tickets available to pre purchase and plan their journey was a huge hit for racegoers. For the second year running Christian’s have offered patrons an improved web booking system to buy tickets in advance. With a large Victoria Police and Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) presence at the track, it paid to leave the car behind.


Whilst our drivers had some time to pass in between dropping off and picking up, we were able to enjoy a BBQ cooked by the experienced chef Darren Williams who thankfully provided meet and drinks for all our drivers. Overall it was a fun day out for both drivers and the patrons and we were really pleased to be able to help so many racegoers get home safely.

Our next big event is the Neil Diamond concert at Sutton Grange… Find Out More Here…

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