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Employees lend firefighting hand

Fires in South West

There were four major fires in the south-west last Saturday caused by electrical assets according to police.


There are a number of Christian’s Bus Co employees who volunteer for the CFA, who put themselves in harms way to protect their communities. Employees of Christian’s have always been a strong part of the volunteering CFA members, particularly in the South West towns of Warrnambool and Terang.

Hardest Hit

Terang was in the firing line, with one of fires starting up on the town’s outskirts. Darren Williams and Keith Smart were both manning road blocks and fighting the fire on trucks. They both continued to offer their services to put out spot fires in between their school bus runs this week.

Malcolm Bishop was based in the command and control centre in Warrnambool, where he managed the operations of the entire region.

True Dedication

We value the dedication these employees show to the communities they live in. We feel safe with them driving our buses and protecting us from such terrifying events. Thankfully there was no loss of life. We encourage everyone to stay safe for the remainder of the fire season.

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