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New and Improved Bus Network for Bendigo

Q&A driver session

Q&A driver session

The new Bendigo Bus Network aims to
• provide more direct routes
• improve the frequency on key corridors,
• expand services into growth areas
• provide better connections with trains.

There will be a significant increase in the span of hours of services on both weekdays and weekends.

Christians Bus Co has been busy getting ready for the “go live” date on the 31st January 2016.

We have employed and trained 15 extra bus drivers and all existing staff have been trained on the new routes.
Six extra new Buses have been ordered to cater for the increase in the Network.

All of the new buses are been built locally at “Volgren” in Dandenong and will be delivered progressively from January to March.

Commuters will face some challenges during the initial months, after the changes are implemented.

A new numbering system for Bus Routes across the State of Victoria, has been introduced by PTV. Commuters will need to become familiar with the new Route numbers.

Other than the new Route 5 all services will terminate at the Station and commuters will need to change buses to continue to another destination.

For more information on the routes you can visit our page here

This is a milestone in the history of public transport in Bendigo as one entity will now provide an integrated Bus service across the whole of the city.

Bendigo Timetable Changes

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