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Social Media 101

At Christian’s Bus Co, our priority in recent years has been setting up a system that mitigates all risk on the road, to ensure our passengers travel safely. Our next step has been to catch up with the world of social media… (gee we must be getting organised!?) which is fast becoming the preferred option for many to receive their information… well for the next generation anyway.

Christian’s Bus Co Social Media Plaforms

Not to be left behind, we have recently made some headway in to the social media world in an attempt to communicate more regularly with our customers. Setting up “In Transit” was the first step, a weekly email sent out to our growing database, communicating relevant news within the company or communities, along with schedules of upcoming tours and trips. We appreciate you subscribing and reading our emails 🙂

We have also set up accounts with facebook and Instagram, how tech savvy are we?!

Providing Customer Feedback Online

We also get a lot of great feedback from our customers, via letters and phone calls… now there is a new and beaut way for our customers to send feedback that can be read by all other customers… via Google Reviews or TripAdvisor – this allows all good and bad reviews to be seen by the public, which is what we want. It helps us attract more customers to our buses… so long as the reviews are good ones 😉

So thanks again for following us, reviewing our business, providing feedback – we really appreciate you connecting with us via the scary online world of social media.

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