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How to travel when you live in the bush

In a day and age where parking is a pain and getting about in and around cities is becoming ever more stressful, we have come up with some better ways of travelling when you live in the bush. A lot of our research from our customer surveys has informed us that people are looking to travel more with less stress. Generally what people are looking for in a holiday is to meet like minded people, take in some scenery and enjoy travelling at a minimal level of stress. It was all good at one stage in our lives to meet the hustle and bustle of Bangkok with your guide book, back pack and one spare pair of underwear. And if you read carefully through your travel diaries you might also pick up some enjoyment out of the surprises you got when checking in to a particular hotel or most likely hostel in a particular foreign town.

A lot of recent trends in travel can be seen also to be off putting. Whether it is a budget airline charging you to use their toilet, an airline hitting you with exorbitant booking fees or that feeling of unease when you turn up with an extra bag for check-in. It seems that the travel industry has done with good old fashioned customer service and all the focus is now on the bottom line.

We have found that today’s modern day traveler is looking to displace the untrustworthy relationships with corporate booking companies and look out for the few who still care for the customer. People love connecting with people and if we can find an environment that facilitates this with good old customer service, quality tours and hotels, then it’s sure to be a winner.

Happy go travelers on board a Christian’s Bus Co luxury coach

Other feedback on our surveys suggest that travelers are not that fussy about the destinations and that some people are even interested to revisit some places to see what’s changed over the years. One particular element that is vital for travelers these days is a trustworthy relationship with their travel agent or wholesaler.

The travel team at Christian’s Bus Co. have decided to grow their tours and trips business which focuses on caring for its customers by offering free home pick up*, not just for regular coach tours, but also for their Norfolk Island, Tasmania and upcoming tour of Western Australia. Some of our clients have been on more than 10 tours and enjoy travelling with people they have either met previously on tour or will meet on an upcoming tour.

Andrea and Keith have long been apart of the caring customer service out of the original Christian’s depot in Terang.

There are some exciting developments for 2018 to be released at our travel expo sometime in October this year. Be sure to keep a look out for more information on the horizon. Click Here for more info on upcoming tours.

Advantages of travelling with Christian’s Bus Co

– no credit card fees
– meet like minded people
– make the most of the fully escorted tours (eg. WA in October 2017)
– be picked up from your own home

*FREE home Pick-up & Return Geelong & Bellarine Peninsula, Warrnambool, Terang, Camperdown, Colac, Ararat, Ballarat

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