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An all rounder with a ‘Can Do’ attitude

This week we meet Trish, our senior administration officer at Kangaroo Flat. You may have spoken with her as she always answers the phone in Bendigo with such a lovely manner. Recently, Trish has taken up the opportunity to obtain her driver’s accreditation and working with children, how cool is that!

A Country Girl

Growing up around farms, Trish was exposed to tractors, utes and all kind of farming equipment from a young age. She has had her medium rigid license for 7 years, from a previous job where she was working within the admin team of a courier company. Trish’s attitude was that if other driver’s didn’t want to deliver the goods then there was nothing stopping her from doing it.

Trish after completing her school special morning bus run in Bendigo.

An all rounder with a Can Do attitude

Trish says she likes to mix things up a bit in her working life, and views herself as an all rounder in the company. When asked about her take on driving school buses, Trish has been overwhelmed by the support from other drivers within the depot to take on the role. She also talked about spacial awareness on the road, taking in to account everyone else on the road, not just her bus.

Having been out on the school run with Trish this morning, we can report that Trish takes great care in transferring the students to and from school around Bendigo. What is also great to see is the younger generation showing such excellent manners in welcoming her to the role and expressing their thanks when hopping off the bus.

We like to acknowledge great effort within our team at Christian’s Bus Co., this being an excellent example of someone taking on a bit extra to help people out where they can. Well done Trish, we appreciate your efforts and feel privileged to have you a part of the team at Christian’s.

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